is a formula rich in essential polyphenols to help enhance cognitive performance and memory

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A patented formula rich in essential polyphenols

Selected from premium fruits, we combine two extracts of the best sources of bioavailable polyphenols for a synergistic activity:
  • Grape from France
  • Blueberry from Canada

Science, the heart of Memophenol

Memophenol™ is a result of a scientific research program initiated and led by Activ’Inside known as Neurophenol. This French-Canadian program was dedicated to prevent cognitive decline.

  • 4 years of research
  • 4 milion euros invested in research and development
  • 13 scientific publications
  • 6 academic research partners (INRAE, NutriNeuro, Université de Bordeaux, Oniris, INAF, INRS)

Based on the numerous data and studies that have highlighted the role of nutrition in maintaining good brain health, our researchers were able to develop a dietary supplement formula dedicated to improving memory and cognitive performance.

From carefully selected ingredients

The formula for Memophenol™ was developed from the two fruits identified as synergistic sources of active molecules:


  • Champagne grapes (Vitis vinifera L.) are 5 times richer in monomers than other grape species. Monomers are smaller-sized polyphenols that can be assimilated more easily by the the body.
  • Wild blueberries from Canada (Vaccinium) contains active molecules complementary to those in grapes, thus reinforcing its effectiveness.
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Improved cognitive performances

A cognitive booster

Memophenol™ is a natural and plant-based cognitive booster¹ especially designed for individuals undergoing revisions and examinations.

Its effectiveness in improving cognitive performance has been demonstrated through a clinical study² as well as a consumer study. In situations where exams are taken, it has been proven that Memophenol™ improves:


  • intelectual performances³
  • learning capabilities³
  • memory³

¹ Memophenol™ contains grape pomace extract, which improves mental function and performance.
² Randomized, double-blind, crossover, placebo-controlled clinical study conducted in France on students aged between 18 to 25 years

of students are satisfied with the effectiveness³ of Memophenol™

of students recommend³ Memophenol™

of students report better concentration³.

³ Satisfaction study conducted in France on 50 students under examination conditions

Boost your gaming experience

Memophenol™ is an ingredient that is particularly adapted for gamers who want to increase their chances of winning by enhancing their gaming performance. The formula has even been validated by semi-professional gamers!
It works by activating the “winning square”, i.e. the 4 essential parameters to improve your gaming performance:


  • Concentration⁴
  • Reaction time⁴
  • Decision making⁴
  • Endurance⁴
Gamer devant son écran


of gamers are satisfied⁴ with Memophenol™


of gamers found the effects of Memophenol™ to be quick⁴


of gamers found that the effects are faster than other products of its kind⁴

¹ Memophenol™ contains grape pomace extract, which improves mental function and performance.
⁴ Satisfaction study under medical control conducted in France on 50 semi-professional gamers

A better memory

Memophenol™ is a natural formula perfectly suited for those who are looking to improve their cognitive functions and memory.¹

It is a patented solution of which its effectiveness has been clinically tested. This randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study was conducted on 215 people in France and Canada.

¹ Memophenol™ contains grape pomace extract, which improves mental function and performance.
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